Happiness really can be created

There’s growing research to support the idea that happiness really can be a choice. If you’re struggling to get your head round this or you’re going through tough times, bear with me on this one and I’ll explain. America professor Sonja Lyubomirsky (2007) describes that 50 percent of our natural disposition to be happy isContinue reading “Happiness really can be created”

New Yoga Studio in Burntwood – We Made it to the Express and Star!

We’re so proud of our fabulous new yoga studio and Burntwood’s first! Our story has made it to the paper so if you’d like a read the article is available in the link here. We’re priding ourselves on making yoga accessible to everyone. In our studio you’ll find no mirrors, no judgement just great yoga!Continue reading “New Yoga Studio in Burntwood – We Made it to the Express and Star!”

Distinguishing Wellbeing from Mental Health – Why it Matters

Amy Marwood shares her thoughts around why it’s important to distinguish wellbeing from mental health. Amy is a lawyer, public speaker and also a consultative council panel member for Nacoa UK. You can find and follow Amy on LinkedIn. It is through the lens of my lived experience in mental health disability, that I shareContinue reading “Distinguishing Wellbeing from Mental Health – Why it Matters”

Smiling female showing happiness, gratitude and positive wellbeing

Are affirmations and gratitude truly effective?

Susan the founder of The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach writes about why she believes gratitude and affirmation practices also require validation and acceptance. What are gratitude and affirmation practices? Gratitude and affirmation practices can improve self-esteem and confidence, support our mental health, improve sleep, reduce negative thought patterns and improve our relationships. Some studies haveContinue reading “Are affirmations and gratitude truly effective?”

How do crystals work?

How do crystals work? Read a fascinating blog post around the incredible power of crystals evidenced in both science and nature.

30-minute restorative yoga sequence for stress, anxiety and burnout

Yin yoga is an incredibly popular and hugely restorative form of yoga. This style of yoga has Taoist roots, working within the principles of Chinese medicine and the movement of energy through meridians, or energy channels in the body. In yin yoga each pose is held for several minutes at a time (usually around threeContinue reading “30-minute restorative yoga sequence for stress, anxiety and burnout”

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