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Distinguishing Wellbeing from Mental Health – Why it Matters

Amy Marwood shares her thoughts around why it’s important to distinguish wellbeing from mental health. Amy is a lawyer, public speaker and also a consultative council panel member for Nacoa UK. You can find and follow Amy on LinkedIn. It is through the lens of my lived experience in mental health disability, that I shareContinue reading “Distinguishing Wellbeing from Mental Health – Why it Matters”

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Are affirmations and gratitude truly effective?

Susan the founder of The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach writes about why she believes gratitude and affirmation practices also require validation and acceptance. You can follow Susan on both Facebook and Instagram as @justanotheryogimum. What are gratitude and affirmation practices? Gratitude and affirmation practices can improve self-esteem and confidence, support our mental health, improve sleep,Continue reading “Are affirmations and gratitude truly effective?”

How do crystals work?

How do crystals work? Read a fascinating blog post around the incredible power of crystals evidenced in both science and nature.


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