Yoga for all levels and abilities

We believe yoga is so much more than simply a physical exercise. Our classes take a holistic approach incorporating the mind, our emotional state and the body. Expect to feel calmer, more grounded and centered in addition to enjoying the physical benefits yoga has to offer.

Live online yoga classes can be booked on a pay as you go basis at £4.50 a class or class passes can be purchased.

Subscriptions are just £12 a month (with no contract) including both unlimited live online yoga classes and pre-recorded yoga sessions that you can access at any time.

Subcribers gain access to a growing collection of pre-recorded mindfulness, meditation and relaxation sessions, an invitation to join our free online wellness community plus special offers and discounts on wellness products. To subscribe hit the ‘book now’ option above.

Live online yoga

Flow and Revive

Tuesday evenings from 7.45-8.45pm

This energising yoga class will both revitalise you and help you find calm. Starting with a centering breathing technique (pranayama), we will then flow through sequences of postures adapted to suit a range of levels and abilities. The class ends with a calming guided relaxation or visualisation exercise.

This class will help to build strength and stamina. It’s a slightly faster pace to our hatha yoga class ‘Mindful and Strong’.

Calm and Restore

Thursday evenings from 8.45-9.45pm

This is a yin yoga class which is suitable for all levels and abilities. The class is based around a series of postures that are held for several minutes each, working deep into the connective tissue of the body. The class begins with a centering breathing technique (pranayama) and ends with a calming guided relaxation or visualisation exercise.

This style of yoga improves the flow of energy in the body. It’s a calming practice that improves flexibility, circulation, joint health, emotional and mental wellness, aids sleep and can provide a restorative effect on the body. You can even take this class in your pyjamas and enjoy climbing straight into bed at the end feeling completely relaxed!

Rebalance and Revive

Thursday evenings from 7.30-8.30pm

This is a mindful, gently paced class based on hatha yoga which is suitable for all levels, including beginners! We will move through a series of postures, holding each for several breaths, focusing on the alignment of each posture and how it feels in the body. The class begins with a centering breathing technique (pranayama) and ends with a calming guided relaxation or visualisation exercise.

This class is perfect for those who prefer a gentler pace to their yoga class, those who enjoy building strength through holding individual poses, beginners or those recovering from injury.

About live online yoga classes

Online yoga sessions are held via zoom. You can enjoy developing your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. To book simply hit the book now button above to select your session and decide if you want to pay per session or purchase a class pass to receive a discounted rate.

Classes being held via zoom mean you can decide if you want your video on or off. You can wear exactly what you want and can even practice in your pyjamas! You choose your own music and how you want your environment to look and feel while being guided through one of our classes.

Classes are priced at £5 per session reducing to as little as £3.50 with a class pass. To gain best value you can subscribe to our unlimited pass for just £12 a month (£2.77 a week). Try a complimentary class using the code TASTERCLASS.

One to one yoga

A personal, bespoke session

One to one yoga sessions are bespoke to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner and looking to gain experience and confidence, whether you’re recovering from injury, have specialist needs such as recovery from fatigue conditions or simply want to enjoy a session designed specifically for you then a one to one session could be perfect.

Contact us by emailing or call 01543 399420 to find out more.

About one to one yoga

One to one yoga sessions can be held via zoom from any location. We can also hold sessions in person locally to Lichfield subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sessions cost £45 for a one hour session including an introductory call for background information and a bespoke ‘at-home’ class plan based around your individual needs and goals.

Sessions cost £35 for a one hour session without a class plan or background call.

For sessions needing specialised advice such as injury or recovery from fatigue conditions we recommend a background call and ‘at-home’ class plan to ensure your needs are met appropriately.

Session prices are for zoom sessions or in person sessions locally to Lichfield. Contact us to see if we travel to your area.

Susan currently leads our online yoga classes and promotes the fact she is not a typical Instagram friendly yoga teacher. Susan’s love of yoga has grown through a practice spanning over 15 years. Having used yoga to support her recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, complex trauma, an anxiety disorder and depression, she is committed to making yoga accessible and sharing the benefits it can bring to as many people as possible.

Susan teaches a wide range of styles of yoga including flow yoga, restorative, pre and post-natal and trauma sensitive yoga. She loves exploring styles of yoga that help people to reconnect with their physical body, mind and emotions. She develops classes that allow students to calm the nervous system, build strength, develop stamina and cultivate sustainable energy in the body.

Susan is a 200 hour qualified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance International. She has also completed specialist training in pre and post natal yoga in addition to mindfulness practices.

We are currently looking for yoga teachers that don’t fit the stereotypical Instagram image and who represent diversity and inclusivity to feature on our platform. Please contact us if you would like to feature and support our goal of making yoga more accessible to real people.

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