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The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach is an inclusive wellbeing community promoting simple, realistic and achievable methods to improve your physical and mental wellness. We provide a range of services both online and in person in our brand new yoga and wellbeing studio in Burntwood, Staffordshire. We’re friendly, non-judgemental, effective and great value!

Explore our full range of services including:

Yoga – both in our studio and online

Mindfulness and Meditation

Wellbeing Coaching

Online Wellbeing Shop

Online Courses

Workshops and Events

Free Online Wellbeing Community

We offer a completely free online wellbeing community that anyone can join, where we share ideas and strategies to support your overall wellbeing and wellness. We provide both online and in person yoga, mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation in addition to workshops and special events. We provide one to one coaching and are also producing a number of online courses that will be launched very soon!

What makes us stand out is the ethos and values of our organisation which are built from our founder’s recovery story. Having fought back from significant mental health challenges and chronic fatigue syndrome she understands the importance of realistic, healthy and accessible strategies that are genuinely effective. There are no fad diets or extreme regimes in sight! We are a small, family run organisation with a growing team of amazing contributors who have an incredible range of experiences and qualifications. We promote only healthy, achievable methods mixed with lots of encouragement to enjoy the things you love in life.

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