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Boost your mental wellness, self confidence and energy with a simple, realistic and no-nonsense approach

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The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach is an inclusive wellbeing community promoting simple, realistic and achievable methods to support you to boost your mental wellness, self confidence and energy.

What makes us stand out is our founders’ lived experience in recovering from complex post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. We don’t promote any restrictive or extreme regimes. Our approach is centred on making small changes , layer by layer to create positive, long term, sustainable results.

Our growing community began online at the end of 2020, when restrictions meant there was less access to wellbeing resources when they were needed the most. We offer a range of classes and support both online and in person, providing complete flexibility that fits around you.

The start of 2022 brings the launch of our new yoga studio in Burntwood, Staffordshire. Explore our range of classes including hatha yoga, flow yoga and yin yoga. We also provide specialist yoga including pre and post-natal yoga and yoga for the menopause. Our yoga classes are suitable for all abilities and levels of experience – beginners are welcome!

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What People Say

“With so much yoga on offer out there it was great to find Susan’s classes that are focused on mindfulness and wellbeing. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Susan is a great instructor and her classes are easy to follow and not at all intimidating. The price point for classes is also very reasonable. Love the yin yoga especially. Highly recommend +++++”

“One of the blessings of lockdown has been finding these sessions! The breathing and guided meditations really help get your brain out of the stress of the day. I love that you are given different options of poses too so you can challenge yourself when you fancy it or sit back if not.”

This was my first time attending an online yoga class and I found it really enjoyable. It was well organised and delivered at a pace that was achievable. All the yoga positions were clearly explained and nothing was rushed so as a first timer I was able to follow the instructions. It certainly helped with stretching my legs and back after a day sat at my desk. I would highly recommend joining a class.”

“It’s liberating getting support from someone who’s been through the same horrendous experience. I finally feel I can accept my condition and face it. Thank you again.”

I’m able to go at my own pace but Sue is always there to lend a hand or suggest something different. Have learnt something new at every class and looking forward to trying different ones this year. Highly recommend to all.”

I look forward to these classes. Susan is very knowledgeable and her classes are suitable for everyone. Feel so much better afterwards. Fully recommend them!”

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