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Explore ideas and techniques to support your wellbeing at one of our workshops or special events. We’ll update this page regularly as new workshops and events are launched.

Yoga Foundations Workshop

Saturday 17th September 2022 – 1.30-3.30pm

Join us for this two hour workshop where you will learn all about the basics of a yoga practice. This is a perfect introduction session for beginners. It is also great for those who want a refresher or would like to learn more about areas such as the use of props or the correct alignment of certain postures.

During the workshop we will cover what yoga is, the benefits of yoga, what to expect from classes, breath-work techniques, how to use yoga props and how to move into and through various different yoga postures. We will end with a blissful guided relaxation.


Location: The Yoga Studio, Swan Island, Burntwood

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Deep Healing Sound Bath

Sunday 2nd October 2022 – 5.00-6.15pm

Lie back, relax, let go and experience the soothing sounds and vibrations of this Deep Healing Sound Bath hosted by Becky who is an Integral Sound Healing Practitioner. Combining her natural love for the power of Sound, Music and Healing work she creates intuitive and powerful soundscapes to aid the body’s energy to unblock and rebalance through the vibrations created by the beautiful healing instruments such as Tibetan and crystal bowls, shamanic style drumming, gong work, ocean drum, Native American flute and what has also been described as her ‘haunting’, ’ancestral’ and ‘ethereal’ voice.   

Sound healing can help with stress reduction, anxiety and depression, aid meditation, improve memory, aid sleep and rebalance the energy body. We look forward to sharing this amazing event with you all.


Location: The Yoga Studio, Swan Island, Burntwood

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Collage Workshop for Wellbeing

Saturday 22nd October 2022 – 1.30-4pm

Enjoy an afternoon of mindful art with Hazel, an accomplished artist and tutor who is passionate about the therapeutic and psychological benefits of collage. Hazel will guide you through a fun, relaxed and friendly afternoon of collage which is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. No prior experience of art is necessary.

Hazel gently guides participants through the four stages of the collaging process; which involves the cutting out of images from magazines and books and piecing them back together in the creation of a new visual story. This is a mindful and meditative activity that promotes relaxation, can reduce stress and anxiety alongside providing a deeper insight into ourselves.


Location: The Yoga Studio, Swan Island, Burntwood

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Mom and Baby Yoga – Six Week Course

Starting Wednesday 2nd November 2022 – 11am-12noon

Join us for this six-week Mom and baby yoga course. Each session lasts for one hour and will enable you to gain both the physical and mental health benefits of yoga, while learning to how to practice yoga with a new baby.

Led by a qualified yoga teacher with additional specialist qualifications in women’s yoga, pregnancy yoga and post-natal yoga, you’ll learn invaluable ways of how you can continue your yoga practice at home with your new baby. You’ll explore techniques that will deepen your bond and nurture your post-partum body and mind.

Mom’s should have their six week check and agreement from their GP to participate.

£42 for six sessions (£7 a session)

Location: The Yoga Studio, Swan Island, Burntwood

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An Extended Qi Gong and Yoga Session

Sunday 6th November 2022 – 1-2.30pm

Find a sense of calm and renewed energy with Becky in this 90 minute special extended session were you will enjoy a practice blending the slow and fluid movements of qi gong, with some grounding and balancing yoga asana.

Qi gong is a Chinese art combining movement, breath and focused awareness, aligning with the seasons and elements. Enjoy an exploration of this ancient practice in our friendly, relaxed and calming studio.

Simply book your place and come along wearing something comfortable and bring a bottle of water.


Location: The Yoga Studio, Swan Island, Burntwood

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