Unlimited yoga subscription

You can sign up using the link here. There is no contract and your subscription will simply renew each month until you choose to cancel.

For just £12 a month you can get access to unlimited live online yoga, pre-recorded yoga, mindfulness and meditation tracks and all of the benefits outlined below

Unlimited live online yoga classes

When you subscribe you will receive a code that will enable you to book onto as many live online yoga classes as you can fit into your schedule! Our current live class timetable can be found here. Classes are held via zoom and you can decide if you want to leave your camera on or off.

An invitation to join our free online wellness community

Our online wellness community is completely free to join and is open to everyone. You can sign up at any time here. If you’re not already a member you will receive an invitation to join. You can access information, ideas and articles about ways to support your wellbeing and improve physical and mental wellness.

Pre-recorded yoga

As a subscriber you will be able to access our subscriber groups within our online wellness community. We have a pre-recorded yoga section that contains a collection of class recordings and pre-recorded sessions. There are hatha, flow and yin options available and recordings vary in length to fit in with your schedule.

Mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation tracks

Within the subscriber groups within our online wellness community, we have a section that includes mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation tracks. Our collection of pre-recorded tracks is currently growing and we will add at least one new track each month.

Advice and support

We are a community with a face and if you need advice or support about certain postures, something you might struggle with in one of our classes or pre-recorded sessions then please get in touch! You can also access support from others that are part of our online community.

Special offers and discounts

Within the subscriber groups within our online wellness community, we also have a section that contains a range of special offers and discount codes off a range of wellness products. Subscribers also receive discounts on our workshops and online courses.

Exclusive live events

Our subscribers will also gain access to a range of live pop up events. These could include a live meditation or mindfulness session, a one off yoga class, mini workshops or a live Q&A.

Feeling welcomed to practice in whatever state I am in, and invited to focus on my body rather than the rest of Being has been crucial and delightful. The careful way you encourage challenging and exploring boundaries, whilst emphasising kindness, accessibility, being gentle and empowering through knowledge is just what I need.

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