Online yoga class information

Getting the most out of your online yoga class

What to wear

One of the great things about online yoga is you can wear whatever you like – even your pyjamas! It’s great to practice yoga barefooted and we’d recommend something that allows you to have a wide range of movement such as leggings or shorts. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and to wear something that allows you to move and bend easily.


You don’t need any equipment at all. A yoga mat would be great but don’t worry if you don’t have one. If you don’t have a mat we’d recommend that you practise on a carpeted floor rather than a hard floor – it’s less slippery and slightly more cushioned.

If you decide that you’d like to use props (we’ll explain when you can use these during the session) you can substitute equipment with regular household items. For example, you can use books for yoga blocks, a dressing gown belt for a yoga strap and a pillow or rolled up towels for a bolster.

If you’re attending a yin yoga class (Calm & Restore) we’d recommend you bring a pillow with you. You might also want to bring a blanket for the final relaxation.


If you’re joining a live class we will mute everyone on the call during the session itself so you can play whatever music you like.

My three favourite playlists on Apple Music at the moment are:

Pure Yoga – for Flow & Revive, Flow & Energise and Rebalance & Revive

Pure Spa – for Calm & Restore and final relaxation in any session

Pure Meditation – for Calm & Restore and final relaxation in any session

Timings and questions

If you’re joining a live class, the yoga session will start at the advertised time. The zoom room will be open 5-10 minutes before the start time of your session and we’ll stay online at the end in case you have any questions. We’ll try to let you in if you’re late to the class but we can’t guarantee this as we may not spot you once we start teaching.

Remember you can also call or email us to ask any questions that you might have or to seek advice around any specific postures or aspects of the class.

Health and injury

Always make sure you consult a qualified healthcare professional before commencing a new exercise regime and to seek specialist advice regarding any medical conditions or injuries you may have.

Listen to your body during your yoga practice and ensure you only participate in postures that it is safe for you to do. Please make sure we’re aware of any conditions that may impact on your ability to do yoga safely before any session. All information we hold is strictly confidential and stored in line with GDPR guidelines.

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