Membership Subscriptions

The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach is committed to providing the best possible value to our customers by offering a range of membership subscription options. Memberships reduce the price of regular classes and provide access to a range of additional benefits.

Subscriptions are purchased on a rolling monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. The cancellation period runs from the date that you subscribe. For example, if you subscribe on 7th of a month the subscription, your next payment will be taken on 7th of the following month. If you cancel your subscription you will not receive a refund for any partial month remaining but will retain access to your membership benefits until the end of the current billing month.

To maximise your membership benefits, all class minutes should be booked within each billing cycle. Minutes that are not booked will not roll over to the next month and the number of minutes available will reset at the start of each contract period. We are not able to carry forward any minutes that are not booked each month.

Your subscription gives you access to our regular weekly timetabled yoga classes. As of 23rd April 2022 these are Rebalance and Revive, Flow and Revive, Flow and Energise, Calm and Restore, Astanga Foundations, Ashtanga Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, Chair Yoga and Express Energise and Refresh. You will receive a code on completing your subscription purchase that will allow you to book onto qualifying classes. Workshops, extended classes and special events are not included and pricing will be advertised for individual events. Please retain your subscription confirmation email as this contains information about how to access your subscriber benefits including links to our pre-recorded classes.

We will endeavour to provide as full a timetable as possible at all times although class timetables are subject to change and reduced timetables may be operated during periods of low demand. Classes may be covered by alternative teachers due to sickness or holidays. Our routine yoga classes will not normally operate on public holidays. Partial refunds will not be given for any periods of reduced operation due to Christmas or public holidays. Where a class has been cancelled due to events outside of our control an alternative date and time will be offered for the next most suitable alternative or for a rescheduled class. Unused minutes will not roll over to the next month and the number of minutes available will reset at the start of each contract period.

All of our other terms and conditions remain valid during your subscription. If you encounter issues in accessing any of your subscriber benefits please ensure that you make contact with us at at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure this can be resolved. Refunds will not be given for any periods during which you have not accessed or utilised any specific subscriber benefits.