Meet our Team

Susan – Founder, Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Coach

Susan’s love of yoga has grown through a practice spanning over 18 years. Having used yoga to support her recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, an anxiety disorder and post-natal depression, she is committed to making yoga accessible and sharing the benefits it can bring to as many people as possible.

Susan teaches a wide range of styles of yoga including flow yoga, hatha yoga, restorative, yin and pre and post-natal yoga. She loves exploring styles of yoga that help people to reconnect with their physical body, mind and emotions. She develops classes that allow students to calm the nervous system, build strength, develop stamina and cultivate sustainable energy in the body.

Susan is a qualified 200 hour registered yoga teacher accredited with both Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance Professional. She has also completed 65 hours of training in pre and post natal yoga, 50 hours of training in yin yoga and further qualifications in mindfulness and meditation practices. Susan is currently undergoing a further 300 hours of yoga teacher training to become an advanced, master yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

Susan is also a qualified coach; holding three coaching qualifications. A Level 5 coaching and mentoring qualification, a health coaching qualification and a life coaching qualification.

Kelsey – Senior Yoga Teacher

Kelsey arrived on her yoga mat in her early 20’s and was hooked! Having suffered from IBS she needed to balance the mind and body. The combination of movement, stillness and breath work, set a foundation which she has built on since that time, over 20 years ago.

Yoga reshaped Kelsey’s life dramatically after the birth of her second daughter and she began to study to become a yoga teacher. In addition to her 200 hour training to become a registered yoga teacher, Kelsey has also completed training in yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga for children. She has a keen interest in yoga for women’s health completing further study and qualifications in fertility, pregnancy, advanced post-natal and menopause yoga. Having been teaching since 2013, Kelsey has trained with some of the biggest names in the world of yoga. She’s a registered Experienced Teacher and Coach with Yoga Alliance Professional and now mentors other yoga teachers. Kelsey has also recently completed Mental Health Awareness training.

Having recently returned to the UK from teaching in Norway for four years, Kelsey is excited to be part of our team. She strives to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible and understand that we are all unique. There is not one way to suit everyone and we all feel the yoga in different ways; physically, energetically and mentally. Kelsey’s classes are an invitation for you to explore yourself and she’s here to guide you on the journey.

Becky B – Yoga Teacher

Becky has been practicing yoga since 2014 and teaching since 2016. She is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professional, also holding additional training and qualifications in Qi-gong and vinyasa flow yoga.

Her love of yoga, Qi-gong and other movement practices stems from a desire to feel less anxious and stressed in addition to becoming more in tune with herself, her body and nature. Becky teaches flow classes, and loves to move mindfully, purposefully and with a focus on good form and accessibility for all bodies.

Becky C – Yoga Teacher and Sound Healing Practitioner

Becky has practiced Yoga and meditation for many years and travelled to India to complete her 200hr yoga teacher training. She is also an Integral Sound Healing Practitioner, Women’s Moon Circle Facilitator, Reiki Healer, Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation Therapist and accomplished musician. She also incorporates her sound work with voice and healing instruments into her Yoga classes during the final rest in savasana.

“My love for yoga started when I was unhappy with my life and needed a change. I started doing Yoga and it completely changed my way of thinking and perspective; it was like a light bulb came on. It helped me to heal, learn to live in the present moment and appreciate everything life has to offer and now I love to share the message of the wonders of Yoga with others through my teachings”.

Kirsty – Yoga Teacher

Kirsty is a mom of two, a wife and a dog mom! She’s been practising yoga for over six years and has been teaching for five years. Kirsty’s love for yoga came after going to classes weekly for exercise and enjoying the challenge and stretch the postures gave. After a while she noticed other benefits including being calmer, less stressed, less anxious. Kirsty says, “I just felt stronger, like I was becoming more ‘me’. This was also impacting on my family life. Because I started to feel better, they started to feel better and the stress levels in the house started to decrease.”

Kirsty enjoys practising vinyasa flow and hatha yoga herself, although enjoys teaching a wide range of styles. She enjoys teaching beginners and loves to see the way yoga unfolds for people as they move through their yoga journey. Kirsty also teaches kids yoga and says, “Kids give their all with far less inhibitions than us adults which always makes for lots of fun and laughter, and in fact, they teach me a thing or two.”

Kirsty aims to make people feel comfortable with what their bodies are capable of, both in every day life and their yoga practice. Kirsty explains, “Each time will be different and that’s ok. Just allowing time for ourselves to do what we need for a stronger body, calmer mind and a deeper connection to ourselves allows you to recharge your battery so you are ready to go back off the mat, into life, ready to share that energy back out again.”