Health and Injury Policy

At The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach we want to support you to take part in physical activity such as our yoga sessions as safely as possible. Before your first yoga session we ask that you complete a health questionnaire using the link here. If any changes arise please return to this link and complete a revised questionnaire.

You must ensure that appropriate professional medical advice is sought prior to commencing any classes where relevant. We ask you to ensure that you are voluntarily engaging in a suitable level of exercise given your knowledge of your health and taking into account any medical advice you have received. During sessions you must take personal responsibility for your health, safety and wellbeing.

If there is any change to your health or physical ability; including any injury, new conditions or pregnancy, please ensure you make us aware before your next session. Remember to always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional about any injury, disability or health condition and prior to starting any new exercise programme.