About us

An inclusive wellness community with a difference

About us

The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach is an inclusive wellness community promoting simple, realistic and achievable methods to improve your physical and mental wellness with support from a friendly, welcoming community.

We are a small, family run organisation who understand the challenges of juggling a busy life with making positive changes to support your wellbeing and physical and mental health. Our community is here to support you; whether that is helping you to identify where you want to be, how you’re going to get there or encouraging you and supporting you on your journey.

There are strictly no fad diets, diet pills or extreme regimes promoted within our community. We promote healthy, achievable methods mixed with encouragement to enjoy the things you love in life.

Our founder’s story

Susan is a qualified yoga teacher, life and health coach with additional training in areas such as pre and post-natal yoga, nutrition and mindfulness practices.

“I’m Susan and I’m the founder of The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach. I’m a wife, Mum and lover of so many things including dogs, food, wine and yoga. I’m fiercely loyal to the people that are close to me and I’m known for giving everything I have to topics and projects that I believe in. I’m hugely passionate about supporting people to become happier and healthier using simple, realistic and achievable methods.

The inspiration behind The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach, is simply my own journey. I want to inspire every single person regardless of their current fitness, body shape, age, gender or any medical diagnosis to feel confident in taking steps to improve their physical or mental wellbeing and wellness. I’m now enjoying recovery from complex trauma and ME/CFS in addition to a whole host of other conditions including severe depression, anxiety and post-natal depression. I’ve battled issues relating to body image, disordered eating and self-worth amongst many other things. I know that it’s possible to move into a happier, healthier place regardless as to how you’re feeling or where you are right now.

I spent so many years thinking I wasn’t the ‘right type of person’ to pursue wellness and to improve my overall wellbeing and health. I always thought I was never slim enough, or beautiful enough, or worthy enough. That stereotype sent me down multiple unhealthy routes including extremely restrictive diets that did nothing to help me obtain physical and mental wellness. I thought that I couldn’t live in the world of ‘wellbeing and wellness’ if I deviated from a rigid plan or if I didn’t fit into the right mould, such as looking a certain way or being a certain weight already. I’ve also experienced how challenging it can be to overcome the perception of some around what it’s like to live with a mental health or fatigue condition. So many people claim you can just ‘think’ or ‘exercise’ your way through it – trust me you can’t! To the people who have stood by me over the years my gratitude is beyond words.

Today, I’m so grateful for a life that I never thought was possible. I’m a very proud Mum to a beautiful little girl, I have a great husband, an adorable (yet high maintenance!) rescue dog and a group of friends and family that I love and value highly. I’ll share more about my personal journey in my blog and through social media in the hope that I can inspire others to start taking small steps toward better mental and physical health.

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