Yoga Class Types

About our Yoga Classes

We offer a range of classes both in person in our yoga studio in Burntwood and online to suit all levels and abilities. In our classes there is no expectation, no judgement and no comparison – just great yoga! During each class we will offer different variations and adaptations of postures so you are able to adapt the practice to suit your own needs and ability. We will start each class by tuning into the breath and will end in a blissful relaxation.

If you have any injuries or health conditions that may impact your ability to practice yoga safely you should always seek professional healthcare advice before joining a class.

Please share with our teachers any injuries you have or challenges you encounter when entering postures. They will happily guide you through different modifications to assist you in your yoga practice. We even have yoga chairs in our studio to provide support if you encounter mobility issues or if you’re recovering from injury.

Rebalance and Revive

This is a hatha yoga class during which we will move through a series of postures in mindful way, tuning into the breath and ending in relaxation. Expect to feel more balanced, centred and rejuvenated while building strength and flexibility.

Flow and Revive

This revitalising flow yoga class will gently move through a flowing sequence of postures in tune with the breath before ending in relaxation. Expect to feel more balanced, centred and gently energised while gently building strength, stamina and flexibility.

Flow and Energise

This is an energising flow yoga class that offers more challenge than Flow and Revive. The class will move through a dynamic flowing sequence of postures using the breath before ending in relaxation. You will leave feeling energised while building strength, stamina and flexibility.

Calm and Restore

This is a yin yoga class based around a series of postures that are held for several minutes each and ends with a calming relaxation. You will experience a calming of the mind and body while improving flexibility, circulation and improving joint strength and mobility.

Ashtanga Foundations / Flow

Explore the basics of Ashtanga yoga in this dynamic, strong, flowing class where you’ll practice a set sequence on a weekly basis while focusing on the breath and alignment of the body.

Tai Chi

A class based on the ancient Chinese tradition consisting of gentle flowing movements bringing balance to the mind and body while working with the energy systems in the body. Gently building strength, stamina and improving posture.

Chair Yoga

A 45 minute chair based yoga session. This class offers all of the benefits of a standard yoga practice although we use a chair for support making this class accessible for all levels and abilities.

Pregnancy Yoga

Join us for a weekly hour long pregnancy yoga class including physical yoga practice, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques.