Our Founders Story

Creating an inclusive wellbeing community with a difference

Susan is a qualified yoga teacher, life and health coach with additional training in areas such as pre and post-natal yoga and mindfulness practices.

I live in Staffordshire with my little girl, husband and our rescue dog Ruby. I live a very happy, full and active life surrounded by friends and family who I adore. I have an amazing social life, great job and I seriously love my yoga practice. I love being outdoors in nature or being near to the sea and I have a slightly questionable obsession with crime dramas and documentaries. I also love amazing food, gin and wine!

What most people wouldn’t guess to look at me, is that I’ve battled complex post traumatic stress disorder, significant depression, anxiety, post-natal depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. The roots of this being in multiple emotionally and physically traumatic events starting in my early childhood and spanning over several decades. 

It took a long time for me to understand that how I felt wasn’t how most other people were feeling. When I did finally realise this, I developed a remarkable ability to hide my internal battles and distress from others. This was until it reached a point following the birth of my little girl that my ability to function or put on a public face completely diminished. The symptoms I’ve faced have included emotional and visual flashbacks, panic attacks, disassociation, hypervigilance, issues with emotional regulation, low self worth, extreme fatigue, disordered eating and suicidal ideation. My recovery has felt like a game of snakes and ladders at times. Sometimes I’d be climbing ladders and there was no stopping me! Then suddenly I would hit a snake and slide back a few steps.

I’ve learned that all progress is progress, and the backward steps are just all part of the process. I’ve learned that it is absolutely ok to speak out and ask for help. I also learned that sharing your story can be very powerful in terms of encouraging others to seek the support they need too. 

My aim is to develop an approachable, non judgemental organisation that supports people to improve their overall wellbeing, improve mental wellness, increase self esteem and boost their energy.

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