How do crystals work?

Louise, the founder and owner of Peaceful Soul Studio writes a guest blog on how crystals work, demonstrating their incredible power which is evidenced in science and nature. Louise holds a diploma in Crystal Healing, she is a qualified meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation and is a trainee 200 hour registered yoga teacher. You can visit her website at or connect with Louise on instagram @peacefulsoulstudio.

So many of us love having crystals in our homes and wearing them as jewellery, whether it’s simply because we love how they look, or because we know that in some way they are beneficial to us. But how can these beautiful stones actually physically and quantifiably assist our own energy to balance and heal?

The practice of crystal healing has been present in our awareness ever since mankind first started to walk on two legs and develop into what we would recognise as homo sapiens. There is evidence from archeology that Ice Age humans revered crystals and used them as pathways to the spiritual – it is hard to say with any certainty exactly how crystals were utilised, but it seems likely that these early humans had a very clear awareness of the mystic realms, and that they used crystals somehow to facilitate or enhance this connection. There is also evidence that they were used by early Vikings in the Eight century as a navigational tool.

Moving forward in time through ancient Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec civilizations, we see crystals still holding a very important place in society, being used both as decoration for royalty, as essential parts of sacred rituals, and also for early forms of technology – they were termed “brain cells of the earth” and were used as power sources as well as being revered as the oldest teachers on the planet – these ancient yet advanced societies recognised that crystals were storehouses of the earth’s DNA, containing not only the deep wisdom of the planet from when it first formed, but also having incredible practical potential for harnessing huge amounts of energy.

Coming into more recent history, it was in the Eighteenth century that we first discovered how to manipulate this powerful healing energy by the use of applied force. Applying pressure, heat, sound or any other physical stress onto the perfectly balanced atoms of the crystal causes a reaction on a molecular level. Pierre Curie named this phenomenon piezoelectricity, and it provides the basis for modern-day crystal healing, alongside a host of important technological advances (more on this later!).

In today’s modern world, we have turned back as a collective whole to re-discovering the magic and healing benefits of crystals, as the stresses and pollutants of Twentieth and Twenty-first century living places ever more demands on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We look to crystals to help us tune into the energy of the earth as a way to restore balance to our own energies – and they do this in various different ways.

Firstly, the science! Human beings all vibrate at the same atomic level, we all contain the same type of atoms. All physical matter (i.e. everything) is formed of atoms and crystals are no exception. Crystals are formed deep in the earth, coming together as clusters of atoms to form lattices and layers, which can be seen microscopically as intricate patterns and formations within the stone.  They come together due to movements and shifts within the earth and once together are bound by energy to harmonise the separate atoms to create a cohesive whole. In simple terms, a crystal’s essential nature is to create harmony amongst atoms. Once the crystal has harmonised its own structure, it looks around for the next atoms to harmonise – hence why in certain parts of the world you can see incredible crystal caves that have been excavated, showing spaces once underground where crystals have harmonised entire rock formations into more crystals.

So, a crystal can be viewed as a structure of harmonised atoms. What it wants to do next, is harmonise the other molecular structures around it – which is why we love to carry crystals near us or wear them, because we can feel on an instinctual level that they contain re-balancing, restoring energy. Don’t worry – your atoms are not the same as crystal atoms, so it is not going to be able to turn you into a human-sized crystal rock formation! What it is going to do, is attempt to bring into harmony any energetic imbalances (this can be on physical, mental emotional or spiritual levels).

Next, we come back to piezoelectricity. In terms of using crystals actively for healing, if you place pressure against the harmonised crystal (this can be heat, light, sound or touch) it causes a shift, a small trauma, which in turn causes an electrical event, activating piezoelectricity. If you are sceptical about the actual physical presence of electricity inside a piece of rock, look no further than NASA, which has developed a spacecraft fully powered by quartz crystal (this is also what powers quartz watch batteries).

How can this electrical event help us to heal? It directs the healing specifically where we want it to go – when a crystal has a point, we can intentionally direct the harmonising energy to a specific place, this is why crystals with points are so frequently used in healing work.

Alongside the science, crystal also works on a soul level. This is a more esoteric quality, harder to quantify, but equally as potent. Each crystal is a distinct being, each has a unique energy quality and this is where we find healing that takes place on an emotional level, seeking out dis-harmony in your subtle energies, in your spiritual body, and working to re-balance and restore homeostasis. We all know that very often a physical symptom can have an emotional root, and vice versa, so for any healing to be truly effective it needs to work on both levels. Every crystal will contain individual energy patterns, created by its unique lattice structure (like our utterly one-of-a-kind DNA), and each crystal will therefore work in a different way. This is why it is very important to take time with each crystal you encounter, feeling its energy vibration, asking it questions, meditating with it, in order to understand on a deeper level what it’s healing qualities are, and how it may be of service.

We can look in greater depth at different types of crystals, and how to cleanse, charge and communicate with them, in another blog (or two!) but the main things to remember are that all crystals are positive, and all crystals will be happy to help you, once you tune into them and ask for support. Whether you choose to use crystals actively for healing, or just feel that they give you benefits by making you feel more positive, whether you simply like the look of a rose quartz set in a ring, or the feel of a smooth, polished tumble stone in your hand, crystals are bound to enhance your life and energy regardless of how you wish to interact with them!

It is important to note that working with crystals for healing should be done as a compliment to modern medical science, rather than instead of – for serious illness or injury always consult your GP.

About Louise:

I came to my meditation journey around 7 years ago, after being diagnosed with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome). Before then I had spent the previous 13 years paying no attention to my emotional or spiritual wellbeing, ignoring the warning signs of stress and burn out, until my body simply gave up shouldering the burden! I had always practiced yoga, and had an interest in crystals, but it was much more of a superficial, sideline in my life, and I never, ever “had time” to meditate!

After having to stop work and adjust to a new way of living, I discovered my first meditation teacher, who’s coaching gave me a thorough grounding in mindfulness meditation and related practices (based on the Buddhist tradition). After a few months of practice, I began to see first-hand how incredible the benefits could be, as I saw how I had been living in unsustainable levels of stress and activity for so long – and how I could gain peace of mind and a deeper understanding of my own self-sabotaging behaviours and thought patterns, through a regular practice of meditation, and by being more aware of the here and now, living moment by moment through the slowing-down engendered by mindfulness practices.

After several years of developing my personal practice I decided to gain my teaching qualification in order to help others on their journey to discovering a quieter, more nurturing way of thinking and living. I qualified with The British School of Meditation in 2017 and have been teaching group and 1-2-1 sessions ever since.

Running parallel to this, my interest in the healing power of crystals intensified, as I started creating mala jewellery using healing crystal beads – initially as a support for mindfulness and meditation practices, but as my knowledge of crystals grew, my jewellery took on a dual aspect of not only helping root and focus ones attention in one’s meditation or mindful intention, but also to harness the wonderful healing properties of crystals to help balance, support and restore dis-harmony in the physical, mental and emotional energy bodies as well.

I completed my diploma in Crystal Healing in 2020 which helped deepen my knowledge of the active healing practices of rabdomancy, crystal healing and chakra healing. Next on the agenda is to complete my studies in Children & YA meditation coaching, and to finish my Yoga teacher training 200hrs, when I will be aiming to add Yoga and mindful movement to my teaching skill set!

My goal with all I do is to help others gain peace, feel happier, and build positive energy to help raise the vibration of the incredible planet we share.